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Butte Superior Court Career Fair

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Civil/Probate Division

The Civil/Probate Division located at the North Butte County Courthouse facility (1775 Concord Avenue, Chico) handles all Civil matters (including Small Claims, Unlawful Detainer, Limited and Unlimited Civil cases) and Probate matters (including Conservatorship, Estate, Guardianship and Trust cases) for the entire county.

Click here for Tentative Rulings.

Click here for information on filing documents/cases electronically (eFiling).

To assist litigants with Civil and Probate actions, the Court has important information contained within the  Local Rules of Court. In addition, the Court makes available the following informational material, forms and other helpful links.

Civil/Probate Forms

Civil/Probate Packets

Click the button below for Civil/Probate Forms packets.

Civil/Probate Form Packets

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