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Family Court Services and Mediation

Family Court Services

Family Court Services, located at the North Butte County Courthouse facility (1775 Concord Avenue, Chico), provides direct services to litigants involved in child custody disputes, guardianship, conservatorship, and step-parent adoptions. Mediator/Child Custody Recommending Counselors work with separating or divorcing parents in an effort to resolve issues related to the custody of their children.

California law states that in all child custody and visitation cases where the parties have been unable to reach an agreement on a parenting plan, the case is required to be sent for mediation.

The court orders the parties to participate in and complete the local mediation program prior to a court making permanent custody orders. You may make a mediation appointment at the clerk's desk following your court appearance. Family Court Services and Mediators/Child Custody Recommending Counselors (CCRC) provide services to families who need assistance in arriving at a parenting plan for their children. Please note that Judges, not Mediators, have final say in determining a parent plan.

Please do not bring children to any part of this process unless asked to do so by the judge or Mediator/Child Custody Recommending Counselor.

Online Mediation Orientation

If you are required to attend mediation, you must complete the Online Mediation Orientation. The orientation is approximately 45 minutes long, and will tell you what to expect from the mediation and Child Custody Recommending Custody process. Once you have finished the orientation, you will complete an intake form that is required for your mediator to fairly assess your situation.

Start the Orientation!

Introduction to Butte County Superior Court Services handout (PDF)

Mediation and CCRC Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Mediation and CCRC Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Mediation and CCRC Forms

Information Form For Custody And/Or Visitation Matters

Family Court Services Client Complaint Form

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