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Public Notice: Butte County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability To Pay Tool For Infractions. For eligibility information, click here.
Request a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.

Case Information Glossary

Abbreviation Definition
AF&C Attorney's Fees & Costs
APPL Application
ARB Arbitration
ARRNMT Arraignment
ATTY Attorney
B&P Business & Professions Code
BCJ Butte Co Jail
C/S Child Support
CCP California Code of Procedure
CIT Citation
COM Complaint
CRC California Rehabilitation Center
CT Court Trial
CUST Custody
CVC Vehicle Code
D'S Defendant's
DA District Attorney
DECL Declaration
DEM Demurrer
DOC Document
DTH Declined to Hear
EVID Evidentiary
F&G Fish & Game Code
F&O Findings & Order
FC Family Code
FTA Failure to Appear
FTP Failure to Pay
H&S Health & Safety Code
HRG Hearing
I&E Income & Declaration
INF Information
INJ Injunctive
J/D Jurisdiction Date
JMT Judgment
JT Jury Trial
MED Mediation
MOT Motion
MSE Marital Status Ends
MTN Motion
NC No Contest
NG Not Guilty
NGI Not Guilty by reason of Insanity
NOLO No Contest
NTC Notice
O/R Own Recognizance
OEX Order for Examination
OSC Order to Show Cause
OST Order to Shorten Time
P&A's Points & Authorities
P'S Petitioner/Plaintiff's
PC Penal Code
PD Public Defender
PET Petition
PH&S Probation Hearing & Sentencing
POC Proof of Correction
POS Proof of Service
PROB Probation
PTN Petition
R'S Respondent's
REQ Request
REST Restitution
RSTN Restitution
S/C Settlement Conference
S/S Spousal Support
SENT Sentence
SJ Summary Judgment
SRF State Restitution Fund
TFT Total Fixed Term
TRAC Trial Readiness & Assignment Calendar
TRC Trial Readiness Conference
TRO Temporary Restraining Order
TVS Traffic Violator's School
UCCJA Uniform Child Custody & Jurisdiction Act
VOP Violation of Probatioin
WV Waive or Waiver
X-CMPLT Cross Complaint
X-DEFT Cross Defendant

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