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Public Notice: Butte County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability To Pay Tool For Infractions. For eligibility information, click here.
Request a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.

ADA Policy

Information for the Disabled

If you have business at the Courthouse and require accommodations because of a disability, please contact the Court at  (530) 532-7013. The Court requires notification in advance in order to provide certain accommodations, such as a sign language interpreter. Please contact the Court as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the accommodation you need.

Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Response (MC-410)

Court Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access ramps are located at the main entrances of either courthouse. Requests for other accommodations may be made in the Court Clerk's Office.

If you have a complaint regarding an ADA issue, please use the form below:

ADA Complaint Form

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