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Language Access

More than 200 languages and dialects are spoken in California. Without proper language assistance, limited English proficiency (LEP) court users may be excluded from meaningful participation in the Court process.

In January 2015, the Judicial Council adopted the statewide language access plan to provide recommendations, guidance, and a consistent statewide approach to ensure language access throughout the courts.

As part of its implementation of the language access plan, the Superior Court of California, County of Butte, now provides no-cost interpreter services for all court proceedings and court-operated services and programs.

To request an interpreter for court proceedings or any court-operated service or program (such as family court mediation, or assistance from our self-help center), read the instructions found below and fill out and submit the interpreter request form.

Procedure for Requesting a Court Interpreter

The purpose of this procedure is to coordinate litigant requests for interpreter services for Court hearings and Court-sponsored and/or Court-provided Services.

The following procedure shall apply to all court facilities serving Butte County. Additional information may need to be provided by the requestor upon the court's review of this form in order to coordinate interpreter services.

  • A "Request for Interpreter" form (Form SS01) may be completed and submitted to the clerk's office.
    • Parties requesting a sign language interpreter should instead complete a Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Response form (Form MC-410). This form should be submitted to the Clerk's office, who will forward it to the Court's ADA Coordinator for review.
  • Upon receipt, the clerk will deliver the form to the Interpreter Coordinator. The Interpreter Coordinator will contact the requesting party should additional information be required.
  • The Interpreter Coordinator will make every effort to contact and schedule an interpreter for the language requested.
  • Court interpreters are not always available. The court may utilize a telephonic interpreting service if an interpreter cannot appear in person. The inability of the Interpreter Coordinator to schedule an interpreter does not in any way excuse the requestor from appearing in court.
  • If the hearing date or service for which an interpreter has been requested is cancelled or postponed, please cancel the interpreter request with courtroom clerk or Clerk's Office, no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • A request for a telephone interpreter for services at the Counter, or when contacting the Court by phone, may be made orally at the time the service is needed without the use of the SS01 Form. When contacting the Court by phone, someone with sufficient ability to communicate in the English Language will need to participate briefly in order to communicate your language needs to the Clerk.

 Click here for the Interpreter Request Form (English).

Procedure for Filing a Language Access Complaint with the Court

If your complaint is regarding the court's failure to provide interpreter services or general complaints about court staff, bench officers, or local documents and translations provided by the court, please file your complaint with this court by submitting a Language Access Services Complaint Form.

 Click here for the Language Access Services Complaint Form (English).

 Click here for the Language Access Services Complaint Form (Spanish).

To file a complaint regarding a specific California court interpreter if you believe a certified or registered interpreter has violated Rule of Court 2.890; is unable to interpret competently in English and/or in the language being interpreted; committed acts of wrongdoing or behaved unethically Click here.

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